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Downtown Confidential – Designed to sell

Downtown Confidential is here to help you unlock the sales potential of your existing dwelling and stand out above all the rest. Designed-to-sell incentive style includes market analysis, professional pre-listing home inspection, staging, and repairs to dwelling.

Staging is not decorating. It’s about taking your personality out of the home call and making it appeal to the masses as many people as possible. We want to keep the buyers excited and engaged as they move through the condominium. Michele’s unique “design to sell” approach comes from a background in the fashion industry. She is a Fashion Institute graduate a former merchandiser
with Body Glove’s South Florida operations. And it is no secret that today’s selling market is a price war and a beauty pageant!

Our goal is to showcase the key features while minimize any awkward elements to allow the potential buyer to make an emotional connection with the dwelling. We make it easy for you to sell your dwelling for more money in less time by putting the finishing touches on the inside to impress today’s discerning buyer:

Step 1: Free Home Valuation
It’s important that we price your home properly from the start. New listings receive a lot of attention. If your home is overpriced during the initial marketing campaign, you will lose many qualified buyers to competing properties. Your property will receive the most attention during the first two weeks on the market.

Your Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Woodmont Agent will provide you with a complimentary CMA (comparative market analysis) to assist you in pricing your home. Your CMA will include currently listed and recently sold properties matching similar criteria to your property.

Step 2: Listing the Property
Once we’ve determined the proper price for your home, we need to prepare the listing agreements. Your listing agreement will include the types of advertising to be used when marketing, guidelines for showings and open houses, the commission rate, and other pertinent details to allow us to best market your home to potential buyers.

Step 3: Preparing for Showings & Open Houses
Your Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Luxury Collection Woodmont Agent will schedule a time for one of our home stagers to visit your home. Your property will be photographed for print, online and video.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Luxury Collection Woodmont listings are secured with digital lock boxes that monitor all activity for your listing. In addition, all showings must be scheduled in advance, and are accompanied by a licensed agent.

Step 4: Let the Marketing Begin!
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Luxury Collection… A unique marketing program.
Luxury Collection is a specialized marketing program established with one goal in mind — to deliver our unrivaled customer service and superior knowledge of the luxury market to the world’s most high-end consumers. Whether you’re looking for a modern masterpiece or a classic seafront property, our network professionals will work closely with you to achieve results that exceed your every expectation. See also our National Marketing Campaign.

For sellers, our affiliates provide maximum exposure to qualified prospective buyers through a sophisticated, integrated marketing program that highlights the unique qualities of your property. From finely crafted print ads in targeted publications to focused digital strategies and direct marketing, affiliates showcase the best your property has to offer to the most exclusive audience. Through alliances with seasoned professionals, agents can stage special events such as catered parties, private receptions and exclusive showings to ensure potential buyers are given every opportunity to develop an emotional connection with your home. The Luxury Collection truly is a premier service for those seeking a life without compromise

Your listing is also offered on over 300 online websites, including: Trulia, Zillow, Google Maps, Frontdoor, Home Finder and Hot Pads (just to name a few),, and the local MLS.

In addition to online syndication, our listings are marketed to tens of thousands co-operating brokers and agents throughout the marketplace weekly emails.

Our typical marketing campaigns are complete with professional photography, brochures, postcards, and online virtual tours.

Step 5: The Offer
The “written offer” covers such subjects as the purchase price, down payment, terms of conventional financing or financing to be provided by the seller; and covers such other subjects as the location and duration of the escrow, title insurance issues, termite and other inspections, seller’s disclosure concerning the property and any contingencies upon which the parties’ obligation of performance depends.

Step 6: The Contract
Once the contract is formed, the seller signs the “acceptance” portion of the offer. If the seller makes changes in the terms of the offer, a “counter offer” is prepared. There may be several counter offers between the parties. Once both parties have accepted and signed an acceptable counter offer, an enforceable contract is formed.

Step 7: Satisfying Contingencies
Before the escrow closing, the seller may be required to perform various steps such as: making repairs found on the home inspection, install smoke detectors and low-flow toilets (some local government regulations require additional “retrofits”), or clearing up any issues that come to light during the title search.

Step 8: The Closing
The escrow company prepares the deed for signature by the seller in favor of the buyer and requires the buyer to deposit the balance of the cash consideration. At the “closing”, the escrow records the deed in favor of the buyer and tenders the net proceeds of sale to the seller after paying real estate commissions and seller’s closing costs, typically including the cost of the buyer’s policy of title insurance; one-half the escrow fees; and document preparation and recording fees. The buyer’s “closing costs” which are deposited in escrow along with the cash consideration required to complete the purchase, include one-half of the escrow fees; the cost of the lender’s policy of title insurance; document preparation and recording fees; and prorations for secured property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Following the closing, the buyer becomes the owner of the property and takes possession.